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Meet the BFM Method's creator, Nadejda Loskutova: A woman with an extraordinary life.

Nadejda’s great grandmother was a healer and passed a large part of her knowledge down to her descendants. Herbal treatments, secrets of the Russian sauna, working with minerals – Nadejda absorbed it all like a sponge.


Nadejda married a military man and frequently moved from place to place, meeting different people who practiced various natural remedies. With great interest, she kept learning from Kazakh elders, from old ritualists, from Uyghurs and from Koreans.


In 1990, Nadejda was invited to work in a center for victims of Chernobyl, as a specialist in non-traditional medicine. There, she completed classic massage courses. Later, at the "White Lotus" International Center of Non-Traditional Medicine in Sochi, she studied  a variety of disciplines, such as Qigong (as a self-rehabilitation practice), Su Jok, bioenergetics, homeopathy, etc.


“While studying different approaches, I had a sneaking thought that the methods that I was studying treated the body as too fragmented, from an overly narrowed perspective, which significantly lowed the benefits of the practice. Moreover, many methods were too painful, and the specialists were under so much pressure themselves that, frankly speaking, I could not understand how they managed to bear it. I wanted to derive pleasure from my work and achieve maximum effect; and so, I continued looking for something of my own.”


In 1996, tragedy struck, radically turning Nadejda’s life upside down and directly impacting her growth as a specialist. 


“My son was a teenager at that time. One day, he went to class at the college but, less than an hour after he left, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I could only recognize my son literally by his coat. He had been beaten. Kicked in the head by five people. There was a bloody mess where his face had been. When we got to the hospital, he lost consciousness and was rushed to the intensive care unit. Later, the doctor gave the diagnosis: craniocerebral injury, brain contusion, multiple hematomas. They told me they were truly sorry, but it was most likely that my son would never be normal again.” 


Strong in spirit, Nadejda could not simply accept this, but she also did not know what to do. An acquaintance advised her to move abroad. She visited many embassies and was turned away until, at last, the Israeli Embassy cooperated. After obtaining all necessary permissions, she took her family and left Russia. Yet, in Israel, practitioners of conventional Western medicine also threw their hands up in dismay.


“I suddenly realized that I was alone. And, to tell you the truth, I was awfully scared at that moment. The question 'can I handle that?' did not come up; I was doing the best that I could. I continued researching, studying, practicing, working with [my son] Anton. He experienced contraindications to radical techniques; many methods were not an option for his condition.


And thus, started the creation of basics of the new method, which became the BFM method: a technique that is allowed for any disorder, with no contraindications, restoring connections within the body and the brain in even the most complex cases."


Another significant step forward was made in 1996, when Nadejda opened her own center in the City of  Nahariya on Tahana Rakevet.


“In order to open my own clinic in Israel, I had to complete courses of massage therapy in Shimon Godelman College, because, unfortunately, our [Russian] education was out of the picture. I also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. I obtained a diploma in TCM. After that, there was a one-year study in manual therapy. In 1998, I became acquainted with [Canadian] Alexander Bratslavsky, who taught me osteopathy, visceral and craniosacral therapy and Rolfing's method. Certain aspects of those methods added to my method and registered positively with my son. It took me about two years to completely rehabilitate him. He obtained his education, got married, opened his own business and, recently, his son was born. My son is healthy.


And I did it myself. So, when someone tells me that something is impossible, I only smile in response. Also, I do not like when mothers say that they do not have time to spend with their children.  When it is only up to you if your child is going to walk again, then 'no time', 'never got a chance', 'didn’t make it' – these are not the categories to think in.”


However, Nadejda did not stop with Anton’s rehabilitation. After studying under Bratslavsky,  she followed up with new practice courses: Tui Na, tanatotherapy, pulsing, Vietnamese foot massage and Japanese facial massage.


“Ever since working with Anton, I understood that I had intuitively found some kind of a solid core which unites all of those methods. By then, I had already achieved the techniques which now comprise the basics of BFM, but there was a feeling that a small piece of the puzzle was still missing. A better understanding would emerge, and the improved methods would replace everything that I had already studied. A human body is an incredible machine, with every detail mathematically exact and harmonious. Some self-regulation and self-rehabilitation structures are settled in us from the very beginning.  And my method -- Loskutov’s method -- would come to be based precisely on these fundamentals of biomechanics and biodynamics.”


The above-mentioned events were taking place during a very uneasy time for Israel.  Al-Aqsa Intifada [the second Palestinian uprising against Israil] was raging in the state and Nadejda began to consider returning to Russia for the safety of her family.


“By a twist of fate, I was contacted by relatives of a famous figure skater Irina Slutskaya, who required urgent rehabilitation after her illness, and I was invited to Moscow.  I thought that it was just the right moment for a decision I have been waiting to make. I relocated first and the children followed me after. As for Irina Slutskaya, she performed brilliantly.”


For quite some time – seven years -- Nadejda worked towards opening the center in Russia. Little by little, likeminded people were gathering around.


“By that time, I was already successfully using Bert Hellinger Family Constellations Therapy and conducted sessions in energetic practice and non-traditional medicine. I provided consultations in body-oriented methods and worked a lot with children suffering from cerebral palsy. Bit by bit, I started to upload session results online, attended professional meetings of massage therapists, got to know Moscow specialists. For some meetings, I was invited to demonstrate my method. I was also seeing clients at home.


At some point, I realized that the flow of people was growing exponentially. At first, I was working for eight hours per day, then it became twelve, then fourteen.  At the same time, I was answering telephone calls around the clock. New people from Russia were calling me, as well as former students and patients from Israel. There was no possibility of taking care of my family and my personal life. And I had to tell myself, 'Stop!' If it continued that way, I would simply bury myself. It became obvious that the process was evolving, the activity required development and I needed  experts  who could assist me in my work. By that time, some number of forum participants at had been actively asking me to teach them my method, so I agreed to create a group. They studied under me for one year. Only four of them made it to the end. And together with them, I opened my center."


As it happened, during that time, Nadejda’s daughter Olga got pregnant and gave birth to her son Nikita. When the newborn was brought home, Nadejda gasped: the child had torticollis, and his right arm and leg hung down like ropes. It was birth trauma that would lead to cerebral palsy in the future. To prove something like this in Russia was a practical impossibility; unfortunately, a lot of mothers know this firsthand.


“'We’ll rehabilitate him,' I thought to myself and got to work. I often think that someone from up above put this method, now called BFM, into my hands. Except that, with Nikita, the puzzle became complete. I was working practically every day, studying the spasms and changes taking place in his tiny body and was constantly adding and removing techniques. The method was turning into a complete picture of interconnections and the processes that influenced them. Breathing and nonviolence, biodynamics and natural body movement: those are the basics of the method. Now, Nikita is four years old and is in no way different from other children.  Of course, he is growing, different hormonal processes are taking place, sometimes showing new areas of internal tension, but we continue working. Everything is going to be okay with my Nikita!”


Loskutova's center is now open for business: several groups have already completed their training and are successfully practicing now. Their feedback can be read on the corresponding page of this website. More, diverse groups of students keep enrolling. Healing process and self-rehabilitation have become not just necessary, but a lifestyle. This is why, during workshops, one can meet specialists in osteopathy, massage and psychology,  parents who rehabilitate their children and other people who are interested in body-oriented methods.


The BFM Method is an absolutely harmless technique, with no contraindications and very broad applications, because it is based on the human body's biodynamics and engages the organism as a whole. It works with any internal tension, regardless of the cause, and is, therefore, recommended in even the most complex cases such as cerebral palsy and some types of paralyses.


“I can teach this to everyone. What we study in workshops has ALREADY been inherited from birth. Hand sensitivity, body rhythms, macro- and micro-movements:  we already have all this knowledge.  The specialists in my center and I will help you to use this knowledge wisely. I will be able to diagnose problems in your body, your loved ones and your patients. You will learn what internal tension is, what its types are and why it is dangerous to our health. But mostly importantly, you will be able to independently handle problems that cost you enormous amounts of money in specialists now. Come to my center. I am happy to receive anyone who wants to be healthy!



Nadejda Loskutova”

The restoration of the automatic natural state of the connective-tissue skeleton, or the connective system, is possible only if it is helped without violating / forcing all other connective-tissue systems.


With this, comes the importance of gentle accompaniment of respiration and manipulating the tissues only in accordance with the natural range, biodynamics and biomechanics of the connective-tissue system of the individual.


A respectful attitude towards the laws of nature governing the living organism is a fundamental part of Nadezhda Loskutova's method of rehabilitation.

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